Distribution Services and Supports

The Faculty of Science offers a service unit with several purposes for the public both analytical science and educational science services. Currently, there are six analysis unit as follow;


Water Quality Assessment Unit

Local Products (OTOP) Analysis Service Center

Material Analysis Service Unit

Chromosomal Analysis Center

Agricultural and Environmental Hazard Analysis Unit

TLD unit

Educational services of the Faculty of Science are devided into the service for regular students, for a schools in the service area and for interested people.

EDUCATIONAL SERVICES for regular students

Registration System
   ( http://reg.ubu.ac.th/registrar/home.asp )
The Registration System is provided by the University to facilitate regular students. It provides the registration system, academic calendar and informative news.

<Science Network (SciNet)
   ( http://scinet.sci.ubu.ac.th/ )
SciNet of the Faculty of science offers the Computer Assistant Instructor (CAI) rooms and internet network that convenient all members in the Faculty. In addition, there have a space for personal homepage for each student.

Faculty of Science’s Library
   ( http://www.sci.ubu.ac.th/office/library/ )
There is a unique library for those students and all members in the Faculty to provide long-term loan books, high impact journal, reading area and wireless internet hotspot.

Course Management System (CMA)
   ( http://courses.sci.ubu.ac.th/ )
The Faculty provides an e-learning system which called CMA to service student. The information involves a lecture notes, homework, webboard and also test scores.

The Eight Scientific Topics Project for E-Contents
   ( http://econtent.sci.ubu.ac.th/ )
The Faculty has been published the e-content scientific topic that involve the knowledge in all area of sciences i.e. biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

EDUCATIONAL SERVICES for schools in the service area

Primary Educational Development Unit
   ( http://tppc.sci.ubu.ac.th/2007/basic_edu/ )
The Faculty of Sciene of Ubon Rajathanee University aims to provide educational opportunities for the students of Northeast Thailand, especially, the provinces of Amnat Charoen, Mukdahan, Nakhon Phanom, Sakon Nakhon, Si Sa Ket, Ubon Ratchathani and Yasothon. There are numerous outreach projects supporting the educational foundation of student in the area such as Mobile science, Thursday Laboratory, Network science schools. In addition, the joint educational developement projects such as OLYMPAID, Science in School and Core school of science center are running every semester

EDUCATIONAL SERVICES for interested people

Asset and Inventory Consultant Unit
   ( http://www.sci.ubu.ac.th/office/asset/train/science/ )
The asset and inventory consultant unit offers an information and seminar supporting for the interested people.